NANA SOPHIE PICHello! My name is Linda Edwards, I am the owner and founder of Nana’s Pet Sitting LLC and Nana’s Pet First Aid & CPR.

Before getting into the pet business, I was a stay-at-home mom for 11 years in Macon and loving every minute of it. I was successful for 15 years in the corporate world and in 2006 moved to Charlotte to, in a sense, start my life over. My husband died suddenly and I found myself looking for something to make me as happy as he did. I woke up one day to my beautiful border collie Sophie staring me in the face and it hit me, pets! Animals bring me great peace and joy and I truly enjoy spending time with them!

Along with Sophie, I have four cats: Holly, Noel, Leo and Murphy. When I started my in-home pet sitting business I knew immediately I must get educated in pet first aid. I was certified through the Red Cross and shortly after, in 2010, became certified in the Pet Tech program. I was absolutely amazed and pleased with their program and am proud to be a Master Instructor.

Through pet sitting and PetTech I have learned so much over the past nine years on pet emergencies, wellness, prevention and safety. I am learning every day from clients, vets and of course the pets themselves.

I hope through my blog you find helpful hints, fun tips, easy safety and wellness routines for your pets and of course, a little humor.

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